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The TTT19 Raffle Winners

Already a tradition at Tudor Tennis Trophy, our friends and partners offer gifts for the TTT Raffle. Edition 19 raffle was super rich with uber cool gifts from Zepter International Romania, Monocult, Apan Motors, Beautik Haute Parfumerie, Elos, Marionnaud, Gett’s, Gargantua KSLF, Maison des Crepes, Alexandrion Grup and Concept Tool. We had over 30 prizes for our lucky guests. Many, many thanks to all involved for making our TTT19 final evening so fun!

Bring out the TTT attractions w/IQOS

TTT is after all a social and fun event. Besides for the tennis, it’s about building friendships and making connections, and all of that happens in the fun zones. This year IQOS attended the TTT19 Final and Players Party with their flashy BMW i8,  a super fun GIF box and an abstract art exhibit. IQOS and Tudor Tennis Trophy partnered up for the second time in a row, which we hope will become a tradition. Read more about the IQOS technology and their social responsibility here .

Aqua Carpatica – tradition is tradition

For the third time in a row, Aqua Carpatica supports TTT with one of Romania’s purest water. AQUA Carpatica comes deep from the Carpathian Mountains, an ancient land were time seems to stand still leaving only the pristine beauty of nature and history. It is the last wild forest of Europe and with no agricultural or industrial activity in the surrounding areas, it is like going back in time. With AQUA Carpatica, purity and taste go hand in hand. Millions of years of volcanic activity have filtered impurities at the source, endowing our water with its unrivaled flavor.  

Zepter meets TTT19

At TTT19 we are introducing a new partner but an old friend: Zepter. Zepter and Tudor Tennis Trophy have in common the love for health and beauty as well as tradition and respect. On this note we invited the Zepter representatives over so we get to know each other better and for them to get a soft feel of what happens at TTT.  We had a very enjoyable afternoon on the tennis court with mr. Radomir Stojanoviç, Zepter international marketing and sales director, ms. Ramona Oprea, General Manager of Zepter Romania, the winner of editions 17 and 18, mr. Cosmin Cimpoeru and our host mr. Paul Tudor & the TTT founder.

Sound & effects by 360 Revolution

360 Revolution is joining TTT for the second time and we’re more than proud to have such a professional team by our side. 􀀂􀀃􀀄􀀅􀀃􀀆􀀇􀀃􀀈􀀃􀀄􀀉􀀊􀀋􀀉􀀄􀀃􀀋􀀌􀀊􀀄􀀃􀀈􀀃􀀍􀀉􀀄􀀇􀀎􀀄􀀏􀀍􀀇􀀐􀀏􀀃􀀑􀀄􀀒􀀇􀀉􀀊􀀄􀀇􀀉􀀎􀀄􀀓􀀒􀀍􀀄􀀓􀀅􀀔􀀃􀀌􀀉􀀇􀀈􀀃􀀎􀀄􀀋􀀍􀀕􀀄􀀌􀀊􀀋􀀆􀀆􀀃􀀍􀀖􀀃􀀎􀀗􀀄􀀂􀀃􀀄􀀋􀀆􀀎􀀓􀀄􀀘􀀍􀀓􀀒􀀄􀀉􀀊􀀋􀀉􀀄􀀇􀀍􀀄􀀓􀀙􀀕􀀃􀀙􀀄􀀉􀀓For over seven years, 360 Revolution is a name in the development, organization and implementation of events. High quality of services, innovative technological solutions and creative concepts are the secrets of their success.