Zepter meets TTT19

At TTT19 we are introducing a new partner but an old friend: Zepter.

Zepter and Tudor Tennis Trophy have in common the love for health and beauty as well as tradition and respect. On this note we invited the Zepter representatives over so we get to know each other better and for them to get a soft feel of what happens at TTT.  We had a very enjoyable afternoon on the tennis court with mr. Radomir Stojanoviç, Zepter international marketing and sales director, ms. Ramona Oprea, General Manager of Zepter Romania, the winner of editions 17 and 18, mr. Cosmin Cimpoeru and our host mr. Paul Tudor & the TTT founder.

Our day looked like this:


Zepter International is a multi-branded multinational company that produces, sells and distributes exclusive, high-quality consumer goods around the world, principally through its own sales network as well as through high-end stores.

“Success is a normal outcome of the synergy of a healthy body and a healthy spirit. To be completely healthy, we have to release a majority of our mental and physical potentials. This kind of health is the ultimate achievement, as it is the precondition for all others. There are no limits for the person that accomplishes it.” Philip Zepter

Zepter supports the 19th edition of Tudor Tennis Trophy by getting involved with Zepter Medical and Zepter Masterpiece Cookware products. We look forward to the start of edition 19 to see Zepter in action at TTT.


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