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This year we focus on health and nutrition together with our first time official partner, ICONIC Health. We will be tasting the 100% natural Iconic Juices and the fresh and tasty Iconic Food. 

ICONIC Health by Camelia Sucu is a nutritional program and healthy lifestyle, 100% Romanian, which was created from the passion to offer a healthy and fresh source of nutrition and which is easily available to those who wish a balanced lifestyle.

“I decided to help people understand the long term benefits of a detoxifying diet, the power of a clean and correct nutrition to change our lives and to make us simply happier.  With Iconic Health I wish to build a business that will correctly inform the public, add value, results and benefits to as many people.” Ioana Sucu, CEO / Co-founder

Click to access ICONIC Health Brochure and here for the website.


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