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TTT20 Updates

Today is TTT day 5. We’ve been playing since Thursday: group matches & doubles. You can find below the results so far for both singles and doubles. So far, Andrei Iaroscenco from group A has two wins. In Group B Bogdan Ionescu & Alex Florea have 2 wins each. Looking forward to the tennis matches in the next days to find out who’ll be battling in the semis. In doubles, already have 3 semifinalists: Rin Dragoiu & Tudor Sulea Gigi Stefan & Alex Popescu Andrei Iaroscenco & Bogdan Ionescu and this evening we’ll find out the fourth. Stay tuned for TTT20 updates.    

TTT18: August 15 – 27

Dear Players and Guest, The eighteen edition of Tudor Tennis Trophy will start on August 15th, day of the draws and end with the Players Party on August 27th. We look forward to 10 days of tennis and catching up at Casa Tudor with old and new friends. Stay tuned for more details.

Kick Off – Save the Date

We are part of a fashionable society which is fond of social activities and entertainment, so we’ll kick off the Tudor Tennis Trophy 18th edition accordingly: with a soiree honouring the 18 years of tradition & the saints, the players and the partners making it happen yet again. Stay tuned for more details about our main characters.

Play Rules #TTT18

TTT is played according to ATP regulations. Please see below the updates for the 18th edition.  The TTT: The tournament will start on August 15th and end on August 27th. The PLAYER:  The player is a tennis amateur and of age between 20 and 50 years old. In doubles, one player is an amateur and of age between 20 and 50 years old and the second player can be: senior: amateur age 50+ , or a retired professional. REGISTRATION: Please send us your  registration by Tuesday, July 15th.

Sign Up #TTT18

Gentlemen,  This year’s TTT hosts singles and doubles matches*. The draw will take place on August 15th.  We look forward to receiving your registrations by July 15th 2016. Click here for the sign up form.  We invite you to spread the word and encourage your tennis lover friends to join #TTT18. We welcome young men and seniors to sign up here.  *Please take a look at the TTT rules.

Coming soon… TTT17

We’re soon approaching the 17th edition of Tudor Tennis Trophy, a family tradition and amateurs’ tennis tournament that has been happening every August since 1999. Each year we welcome new and traditional players to sign up for our competition and battle for the trophy. This year we’ll be hosting mens singles and doubles. The 17th edition’s dates are August 5th to August 15th. 

The TTT Player

The player has to an amateur and of age between 25 and 50 years old. In doubles, one player is an amateur and of age between 25 and 50 years old and the second player can be: old boy: amateur age between 50 – 65 years old, or a retired professional above the age of 40. More details about TTT’s rules here.

TTT17 schedule

 Players’ sign up by July 15th TTT Opening on August 5th @ Tudor Tennis Tennis Arena (matches draws and meet our partners & the players). Matches start on August 9th @ Tudor Tennis Tennis Arena Doubles’ Final on August 14th @ Tudor Tennis Tennis Arena, followed by a celebratory cocktail. Single’s Final on August 15th @ Tudor Tennis Tennis Arena, followed by the Player’s White Party @ the pool. We welcome amateur tennis players of ages between 20 and 50 years old for the singles’ matches. In doubles the teams will be formed of amateur tennis players of ages between 20 and 50 years old and an “old boy” 50 + years old or a retired professional tennis player. Click here if you want to sign up.

We concluded the 16th TTT

The 16th TTT final was definitely one of its kind: coolest sponsors and partners gathered to make it happen from early morning, the guests looked beautiful in white, the DJ rocked the night and last but not least, the two finalists, Alex and Dan showed their best tennis skills on the court, after the poor-down rain. Thank you all for attending, getting wet and not carrying, for supporting our cause: Mr Cristi Vaduva – Romanian junior tennis player, and for enjoying a wonderful evening with us! The Tudors