Panacēa Urban Apothecary, FRIENDLY @ TTT17

Under the seductive spell of ancient goddess Panacēa’s healing powers, we are introducing
skin-smittening magic rooted in ancient apothecary remedies to dethrone day to day damage and restore vitality to fatigued, pollution-prone and weathered skin.

Panacēa Urban Apothecary’s essence rethinks skincare as skin wealth. Our team of godly skin experts have a zero tolerance policy for common artificial ingredients found in most beauty products like pesticides, parabens, petroleum, sulphates, GMOs, formaldehyde, and many other foolish-mortal poisons. As if daily environmental stressors and pollution aren’t bullying your skin enough…

Our skinnovation shaped itself by an unsatisfied hunger for quality skin care products. The longer the lists of ingredients you can’t pronounce lurking in moisturizers you probably have polluted your skin with already, the harder we strived to rethink healthy hydration infused with organic skin wealth. We stand proud in serving a luxurious daily gourmet delight whipped up with pure passion and echoing expertise, to hearten healthy living in hectic environments, one quenched complexion at a time.

Panacēa Urban Apothecary is bringing it back to basics – with advanced research – to serve all starving skin (especially sensitive and hyper-sensitive skin types) with a gourmet feast and equip complexions with a surrendering shield of perennial protection to rest, ripen, and relieve – using only vegan, naturally derived ingredients.

We moisturize our standards with the pampering powers of organic lavender, green tea, chamomile flower, cucumber, carrot seed and root extracts, phytosqualan, beta-carotene, organic macadamia seed oil and olive oil extracts, pure resveratrol and vitamins A, B, C and E. All of our ingredients are Ecocert certified.

Panacēa Urban Apothecary pledges for no animal testing and sources all ingredients and packaging materials from equally environmentally-conscious partners.

Shop your new skin diet here.

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