We’re big on traditions, as everyone has probably noticed. Tudor Tennis Trophy is one of the Tudor’s longest lasting one and its getting more exciting by the year.


In 1999 Mr. Paul Tudor, founder of Besta Sports Club, organised the first tournament with friends and business partners, an inaugural event of the tennis court in SamCity and with the occasion of St Maria, on August 15. Since then, we have been playing tennis every year around the date of August 15.

Starting the 13th edition onwards, the Tudor Tennis Trophy became a project run by Maria Tudor under close supervision of father Tudor. The event grew more and more with the years, the partnerships became more interesting and the level of tennis higher.

Supporting young talents

Along with the tennis fun and socialising, our events have a main focus  on fund raisers for different cultural and charitable causes, lately focusing on the Romanian young generation tennis talents who train for becoming professionals.

The funds are raised from donations from the players and guests. We always try to attract interesting partnerships so our friends, people who donate, get something in return.


Our Custon

For 15 years TTT was a singles only tournament. Starting TTT16, we expanded our approach: singles and doubles. Some years we even play singles in groups.

The tournament lasts for about two weeks; players show their best tennis; supporters cheer on; everybody meets everybody; it’s really great.

On Saturday, around August 15th is the day of the final! The custom is that players and guests arrive around 18h. The evening starts with a demo by the professional junior tennis players. After watching a set of ‘how its supposed to be done’, the finalists step in. They play. And play. And sometimes even argue. The public picks sides and place bets. By the final game of the Set, everyone is anxious, nervous, maybe a little hungry, and excited.

Match ball. Game. Set. Match.

We have a winner! The Tudor Tennis Trophy is awarded to the champions. We take group photos, interviews, more photos, listen to speeches and congratulations.

The Players’ WHITE Party

After the final match festivities are over, all the guests are invited to the Players’ White Party to celebrate the tennis achievements, the long and hard matches, the champions and good company of all our guests. It’s a fashionable, social and entertaining event.


Sincerely yours,

Besta Sports Club