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#tbt TTT17 final

One month ago today we hosted the 17th TTT final and party… and it was fabulous! What a better way to remember TTT17 than reading Louise‘s thoughts on it? is a new hip and trendy lifestyle blog with day to day stories and moments that one should have on their to do list. Dear Louise, thank you for sharing your TTT17 experience on your blog, thank you for bringing Vicomte. A into our tradition and thank you for your kind words!   Maria — Click here for details about the writer and to see the blog.

A glimpse of TTT17

We’ve had 7 days of tennis so far and it’s been awesome! Challenging games and players that kept us all alert & the coolest players and supporters in the house. Our friends at Tuio set up Live Broadcast from TTT so the fans can watch the matches live away from the Tudor Tennis Arena.


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