Edition #16


Proudly presenting the Tudor Tennis Trophy #16 WINNER: Mr. Alex Florea! Congrats Alex and Dan for the long disputed match, for the show, and for your efforts to play three sets!
Thanks to all the supporters, friends and partners who stood by us to make the 16th edition the most beautiful so far!

The 16th TTT final was definitely one of its kind: coolest sponsors and partners gathered to make it happen from early morning, the guests looked beautiful in white, the DJ rocked the night and last but not least, the two finalists, Alex and Dan showed their best tennis skills on the court, after the poor-down rain.

Thank you all for attending, getting wet and not carrying, for supporting our cause: Mr Cristi Vaduva – Romanian junior tennis player, and for enjoying a wonderful evening with us!

Our partners for the 16th edition were:

Rio Bucovina, Ursus, Jidvei, Liliac, New Sport – Wilson, Pizza cut, Five Continents, Eat Etc Master Caterers, La Rambla, La Strada, Embassy, Black Cab, Vicomte-A, Cabana Hadar, Porsche Design, Eclictico Studio, Bon Bijou, Photoliu, opagina.ro and Marie Ollie.

Also, there are some friends of TTT that got involved in making it all happen. Special thanks to Mr. Ion Tupa, Mr. Matei Nedef, Mr. Claudiu Costin, Ms. Luiza Hudea and our hosts, the Tudor family!

Maria Tudor