We hosted the 24th edition from September 17th to September 24th, later than usual but as fun as usual. This year the singles draw was formed of 10 players, split in two groups of 5 each. Two players from each group advanced to the semifinals. The doubles draw had 6 teams. 

It was pretty cool how it all worked out around number 24 this year… We ended the 24th TTT on September 24th, all in the same year with Simona Halep’s 24th title and one day after Federe’s retirement after a 24-year career… 

Even if the weather was a bit tricky, we stuck to the plan and made it happen!

Group A: Rin Dragoiu, Dragos Copilau, Nicu Cojocaru, Alex Florea and Liviu Souca. 

Group B: Razvan Muntean, Lukasz Szukala, Daniel Niculae, Andi Gingirov and Andu Ursache. 

1st semifinal was played between Rin Dragoiu and Alex Florea. Rin Dragoiu advanced to the final. 2nd semifinal was played between Lukasz Szukala and Andi Gingirov. Lukasz Szukala wins and advances into his first TTT final.  

The 24th singles final on September 24th between Rin Dragoiu and Lukasz Szukala. Rin Dragoiu is the 24th TTT champion.

The TTT doubles champions are Razvan Muntean and Gabi Tatuta after 3 intense sets payed against Mita Paul and Lukasz Szukala. 

The 24th Tudor Tennis Trophy, officiated by mr. Herve Madramany for the 14th year in a row. Thank you, Herve, for your time and professionalism!

We invite young tennis players to play exhibition matches, which is a great way for them to gain exposure, build their confidence, and have fun playing the sport. Just after the singles final we hosted a demo match, introducing two future tennis stars to our community: Ms. Alexia Tatu and Mr. David Cercel. 

Last year at Rin’s suggestion, we discovered Alexia Tatu, a 14-year-old tennis player from Buzau who is Wimbledon U14 champion and who two weeks ago made the ITF Juniors J3 tournament. 

David Cercel Tecsor is a 12-year-old player who comes from a family of tennis professionals and who has great potential of becoming one of Romania’s tennis superstars. 

The partners who supported our event this year are: Aqua Carpatica, Wet, Samburesti, Carlsberg, Blanc 1664, 360 revolution, Pop Cola, Vitamin Aqua, Malvensky, YSL, Yoshi Izakaya, Pep & Pepper, Tenis Shop, Ensola LED Lighting, Moet and Costa Coffee. THANK YOU!

We look forward to next year’s TTT, the 25th edition. 😍🎾

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