Apparently it’s all about tennis now

Tudor Tennis Trophy is one of the Tudor’s longest lasting tradition and it’s getting more exciting by the year. Edition 21 is taking place during 1 to 8 September 2019 at our home on the shore of Buftea Lake. 

In 1999 my family organised the first TTT with friends and partners, an inaugural event of our tennis court and with the occasion of St Maria, on August 15. For the past 20 years we happily hosted TTT – one week of good quality amateur tennis & socialising. 

Little did anyone know back then that my life would become all about tennis… 

This is the 4th year since I’ve fallen really badly involve with it… The portfolio consists of tennis events, tennis management and the new branch: tennis retail. TTT is and will always be the number 1 on my list, so I am excited to plan and host one of the coolest private tennis events for amateurs. 

Given the tradition and my love for tennis, it is my mission to make every edition of TTT better, more fun as well as more productive in supporting talented junior tennis players. At TTT21 we raise funds for Alexandru Coman, Europe’s Under 14 Number One tennis player. 

Grateful for all the partners and friends who are making this event possible.


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