The 20th TTT

Tudor Tennis Trophy 20th Final… what a great day we had! A super exhibition match, a sensational 3 setter final, beautiful company & amazing partners!

It’s more than a tradition. It’s an event that connects people who love tennis & socialising in a friendly atmosphere away from the city. It’s an event planned by my family with partners & friends. It’s an event that supports talents. For me, it’s a state of mind – those 10 days of the year when I enjoy every second mostly because I am surrounded by smiles and all good vibes.

We have the coolest, funniest crowd. The players are competitive and put on their best tennis. The supporters are taking their roles very seriously but also mingle and enjoy the partners’ goodies. We just have a chilled and good time.

Edition 20 hosted singles and doubles competitions. We had some of the best TTT players & spectacle matches. In singles, there were 2 groups of 5 players who competed round robin style, with 2 qualifiers from each group into the semis.

In doubles, some of the teams were composed of an amateur and a former professional. It was super fun but also got serious and impressive.

Check out the draws.

On Saturday 18/08/2018 we hosted the 20th Tudor Tennis Trophy Final. The event included an exhibition match with Stefan Palosi & Filip Jianu, European Doubles Champions. The TTT20 final was disputed between Rin Dragoiu and Bogdan Ionescu in a 3 setter match. Rin Dragoiu is the 20th Tudor Tennis Trophy Champion!

We had a lovely day of tennis at the Tudors in an elegant and friendly setting by the tennis court. We were also super lucky regarding the weather; it was like we had an aura that protected us from the rain.

The event was organised by Besta Club with support from our partners Besta, M16 Management Agency, Alexandrion Group, Silvador, Ensola, Gatorade, 360 Revolution, Eurotravel, Voyageur, Monocult, Automobile Bavaria, High Energy, Gargantua, Fruit Pack, Sloop, Beraria H, Happy Friday, Musetti, Mesmer, La Strada, D’ Oro, Beautik Haute Parfumerie, New Dental, Urban Masaj, Centrul de Calarie Aladin, Revvolution, Mihai Visinescu, Social Agenda, Denis Radu, M-Pr.

Thanks to all the participants who contributed to our celebration! We loved having you!

We had an awesome time and hope you did too!


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