20 editions. TTT

I always get impressed with the number. 20. In 2018 we’re celebrating Twenty years of extremely good memories at Tudor Tennis Trophy. 


It’s like birthday, Christmas and New Years Eve into one event — that’s what they say. That’s what I say too. And it’s all happening because my father just loves socialising and sharing good times. We’re all loving it more and more because by each TTT we all grow memories together, we meet new players, friends and partners, we watch great matches and we generally have more and more fun. All of this because we’ve created an uber-cool community for the past 20 years. 

The 20th edition of TUDOR TENNIS TROPHY will take place between 8th and 18th of August 2018 and will host both singles and doubles tournaments.

We look forward to August!

Maria Tudor

TTT Director


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