Opening of TTT19

Edition 19. We did the official draw on Wednesday, August 9th on the Terasa Superba together with Zepter International Romania, TTT players, guests and partners. It was a lovely evening which went like this:

Father and I both had intro speeches about TTT and edition 19, what will happen this year and more specifically at the opening event: the draw itself and the live cooking show.

The draw itself happened pretty quickly. Click here for more info regarding the matches.

Zepter is one of the main sponsors of the event, and after thew draw, the players were invited to a Live Cooking workshop held by Chef Aida Parascan. The competitors divided into 4 teams and learned how to prepare the most delicious and healthy burgers with Zepter products and competed in the “plating” arrangement. At the end, the winners were awarded, and everyone present was invited to a healthy dinner prepared by Chef Aida.

Thank you Zepter International Romania for your involvement at TTT and for making the draw a very interesting and fun evening. Thank you Radu Fugarescu for the photos! 🙂

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