“I am sparkle, I am magic, I am subtle and majestic, I am what you want me to be. I love being a jewel and explore the poetic meanings of female personalities that wear me. I like to dress the woman because, no matter my form, no woman wears me the same. You see, we, jewelry, are works of art made worth by the owner. I mean you!

La femme Bijou is a swirl of contrasting features that create an enticing small universe. It’s easy to recognize. La femme juggles an impressive list of to do’s with a natural elegance and red lipstick. She feeds on confidence and overflowing power that stand at her fingertips. Novelty and aesthetics stimulates and turns into a super femme-urban.

My mission as a jewel is to express; and to express a femme Bijou is a statement of power. I obey and reflect what you want me to reflect. OUR Alliance take various forms, depending on its owner caprciile and my stilettos provisions, which does not cease its surprise me. Devin revolving eternal companion, whatever adventure follows.

Our alliance called Bon Bijou.”

BB team

Please click here to access the Bon Bijou online shop or here to access the Bon Bijou facebook page.


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