Final & Player’s Party #custom

Saturday, August 15th is the final’s day! The custom is that players and guests arrive around 18h. The evening starts with a demo played by the professional junior tennis players we support. After watching a set of ‘how its supposed to be done’, the finalists step in. They play. And play. And sometimes even argue. The public is picking sides and placing bets. By the final game of the Set, everyone is anxious, nervous, maybe a little hungry, and excited.

Match ball. Game. Set. Match.

We have a winner!!! We award the trophies to the winners, our sponsors give the gifts and we take group photos.

The players’ WHITE party starts! All the contestants, guests, media, partners, organizers join us by the pool where the buffet is hot and the drinks are cold. The music is playing, the photos are being projected, the surprises keep coming. The fashion show presented by our friends and the raffle with donations from our partners spice up the evening.

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