Partnering with us means that you are a tennis fan, that you’re a social butterfly and that you are a bit of a softie and care about helping others. Hoping that you believe in making a difference and that you enjoy our new TTT approach, we kindly ask for your generosity in order to create a successful charitable and social event. There are many things we do at TTT; from food and beverage to tennis equipment, live acts or exhibitions, etc.

What we do for you? We take pride in our partners and we like to show them off. 🙂 There are two main promotions means: online and on site. For the online promotion, we post your logo on all our materials, we announce our partnerships and write posts about your company on our website and on facebook.

On site means that we exhibit your banners, fliers and leaflets on the tennis court. On Saturday, at the Player’s White Party, the garden turns into a little fair where our sponsors set up stands to present their beautiful or tasty products. We also project ads and videos on the house. Contact us and we’ll give you more details!

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