We started off at 9am with the match between Vlad Alexandru and Iulian Botta. Vlad won the two set match by 6-2; 6-1. Super pleasant way to have our coffee in the morning by the court.
Second match of the day between Alex Florea and Andi Gingirov. Alex won the match 6-4; 6-4. Great game, many funky moves. 🙂
Third match started at 13:30 between Bogdan Ionescu and Eugen Balalau. Score 6-2; 6-3 for Bogdan.
After a two hour break by the pool Bogdan Ionescu played again vs. Andi Gingirov. Andi won the game 6-4; 6-4. Beautiful game, guys!
At 18:00 Marcel Chifa and Andrei Iaroscenco stepped on the court. The dispute was long and fun even though Iaros was angry with his hits. Chifa won by 6-3; 6-2.
The 6th match of the day and the fist Super Tie Break played between Dan Gruia and Matei Nedef. Matei had the first super comeback of this year’s TTT. Score: 6-1; 4-6; 8-10. Congrats Matei!
We concluded the day with the first doubles match ever at Tudor Tennis Trophy. The two teams: Iulian Manta (TTT all timer) & Victor Matrin, aka “The Senoirs” VS. Vlad Alexandru and Dan Toncea, aka “The Killers”. The Killers won 6-0; 6-1.

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