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We’ve been playing tennis and making new friends for more than 15 years now. It’s been so fun that this year we’re going bigger.

This year TTT is bringing in a new approach: expanding the singles’ games, which will be played in groups and introducing a doubles trophy.

The tournament lasts one week, Saturday to Friday the players meet to score points and battle to get into the final. The games become tougher and more intense by the year.

Saturday, August 16th is the final’s day! The custom is that players and guests arrive around 18h. The evening starts with a demo by the professional junior tennis players. After watching a set of ‘how its supposed to be done’, the finalists step in. They play. And play. And sometimes even argue. The public is picking sides and placing bets. By the final game of the Set, everyone is anxious, nervous, maybe a little hungry, and excited.

Match ball. Game. Set. Match.

We have a winner!!! We take group photos, interviews, more photos, listen to speeches and congratulations. The Tudor Tennis Trophy is awarded to the winner.

After the final match festivities are over, all the guests are invited to the Players’ White Party to celebrate the tennis achievements, the long and hard matches, and the champion. With the evolvement of all our partners, the 2014 edition will be a high performance, fashionable, social and entertaining event.

Thank you all for your support! We look forward to a spectacular TTT #16!

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